Simplifying the Healthcare Industry’s Cloud Journey



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The healthcare sector envisions cloud computing as the direct path to creating new digital services and boosting the efficiency and quality of care. Yet despite cloud’s potential to usher in a new era of healthcare, there are challenges, including looming data security issues, laborious regulatory compliance requirements, and the need to protect patient privacy. At the same time, ongoing interoperability hurdles and the need to maintain technology skills remain significant roadblocks to adoption and digital transformation.

The good news? The modern flexible architecture of a hybrid multicloud environment can pave the way for the entire healthcare ecosystem to make good on its many mandates. These include improving the quality of care and patient and healthcare professionals’ experience as well as opening up access to critical services, all while keeping costs in check.

Digital transformation by way of the cloud can ensure that healthcare organizations have the speed, flexibility, and agility to respond to an unpredictable market while keeping up with healthcare innovations. Cloud adoption also establishes the necessary backbone to weather unforeseen disruptions such as the global COVID-19 pandemic.

This e-book will help IT decision-makers and CIOs in the healthcare sector identify the key challenges of cloud migration and application modernization while delivering a playbook for effective transformation and digital healthcare success.

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