Unifying Data Management With a Single Pane of Glass



Increasingly diverse and spread across a hybrid landscape, the data estate has become messy and unwieldy — a drag on organizations’ ability to drive insights and effectively capitalize on data-driven business.

The sheer size and scope of the data landscape, exacerbated by the explosion of unstructured data from video and social media, make it difficult to manage or achieve sustainable end-to-end visibility. Yet without a clear picture across the full data life cycle, IT organizations find themselves burdened by data operations, taking time away from their real goal of creating data assets that can drive value at scale across the enterprise.

“If an organization doesn’t have a layer of observability and governance across the entire life cycle, data can become a liability,” says Naveen Kamat, executive director, Data and AI Services, at Kyndryl. “The IT organization spends too much time figuring out what data sources exist, how to access data, putting the right controls in place, and second-guessing data quality and lineage. It weighs down the enterprise.”

A single pane of glass or a control plane is fairly common in cloud and network management. But it’s less prevalent for managing the data estate, simply because the landscape is less mature and still evolving. Nevertheless, as organizations move ahead with building a modern data foundation, a unified data console that delivers a centralized view becomes a crucial building block, as important to the mix as a data fabric and framework for automation.

Kyndryl’s Augmented Data and Analytics Console

Kyndryl is addressing the need with its Augmented Data and Analytics Console. The solution is unique in the data and AI space, given its breadth of coverage across the full data life cycle, from the point where data is created and consumed all the way through the preparation work required to curate data for last-mile consumption. The integrated view encompasses everything from governance, observability, quality, compliance, and security through consumption and data insights.

With a unified console to manage data operations, organizations gain an easy-to-access view of data sources and pipelines, enabling them to trace data lineage, manage data security and privacy needs across multiple environments, and track data-quality KPIs. The centralized control plane is also essential for AI model management, reducing the time it takes to move models from early prototypes to production.

The Kyndryl Augmented Data and Analytics Console was architected with flexibility in mind, drawing from open source technologies, homegrown AI models and automation workflows, and a range of partner solutions. The end result: a composable control plane that abstracts complexity, enabling users to easily integrate existing tooling and protect their investments.

A centralized console such as the Augmented Data and Analytics Console is critical to maximizing data ROI, ensuring that data strategy is tightly coupled with core enterprise business objectives. “The way organizations have service-level agreements for application performance — now they’re looking to manage data the same way,” Kamat says. “This is how you can manage data pipelines in a way that minimizes incidents, detects data drifts, and ensures the highest level of data quality.”

For more information, download Kyndryl’s solution brief or visit the website.