Building a Collaborative Digital Workplace



The modern workplace

It may sound like a cliché, but happier employees really do have a direct line to greater business value. The vast majority (85%) of organizations say that an improved employee experience translates to better customer experiences as well as higher revenues, according to IDC.

But today’s distributed workforces have made that a challenging endeavor. IT and business leaders are trying to optimize their real estate investments while accommodating their employees’ desire — and expectations — for more-flexible, hybrid work models.

It’s possible to have “one office” that crosses the physical and virtual worlds, one that flexes with employees and serves as their hub for both work and life. That one office is the collaborative digital workplace.

This e-book can help guide your journey to build the digital workplace. It involves several steps: discover what’s holding back collaboration today. Get a picture of what’s possible with a reimagined employee experience and explore the capabilities that support the collaborative digital workplace. Finally, delve into solutions that shape the future of work and a fully integrated employee experience, as well as the digital workplace services that are available.

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