Evolving Enterprise Networks: The Journey to Cloud, SDN, and the Edge



A fundamental change in data networking has begun.

That change involves moving away from hardware-based network appliances and proprietary management to open-standards-based, software-defined networks (SDNs). These networks promise to be more dynamic, scalable, agile, and resilient than their predecessors. They will also be crucial for modern, scalable computing, management, and security across the cloud, WANs, and LANs.

When coupled with high-availability, low-latency 5G cellular or Wi-Fi 6, they will usher in scores of “core-to-edge” applications and services.

These next-generation SDNs offer a powerful competitive advantage for businesses that deploy them correctly. Simply put: Network modernization through virtualization and automation is essential to enterprise success in the digital era. Networks touch everything from distributed data centers to on-premises or colocation facilities; infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) public clouds and software as a service (SaaS); and the edge, which includes employees at branch offices, customers, and partners worldwide.

Yet it is undeniable that this transition will be challenging. No business will simply rip and replace its existing LANs, WANs, and mobile networks. Success will involve a mix of old and new technologies that must be managed together. This e-book offers best-practice recommendations on where and how to start this digital transition and how to deploy network solutions for maximum benefit with minimum risk.

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