Aligning with the Right Partner to Simplify Cloud



Business partners

Although cloud adoption has been fast-tracked during the pandemic, it has not hyperaccelerated at a pace companies need in order to maintain competitive advantage. With line-of-business (LOB) executives now steering pockets of modernization, IT organizations face additional complexities that may impact the ability to capitalize on the benefits of cloud.

According to IDC, 80% of enterprises put a mechanism in place to shift to cloud-centric infrastructure and applications twice as fast as before the pandemic. At the same time, there was a 5x increase in the adoption of cloud-native architectures for core business applications in 2021.

Despite the uptick in adoption, however, companies are not migrating to cloud at a fast enough pace — and many are missing the mark in terms of cloud ROI. The complexity of managing scores of microservices-based workloads, coupled with outdated IT operating models and significant gaps in IT skills in critical areas such as devsecops and automation, has companies scrambling to wring value out of cloud investments.

“Cloud adoption requires a radical transformation, not just in the technology stack but also in the operating model,” says Arun Kundu, global vice president of consulting for Kyndryl. “Cloud processes, cloud workflows, and the cloud skill sets required are dramatically different from what we did in in the past. Companies need to tackle the challenges in partnership with hyperscalers and an integration partner.”

Partnering for continuous innovation

For companies all-in with a single cloud approach, a one-off partnership with their hyperscaler of choice might cover the bases. More often than not, however, companies are taking a multicloud and likely hybrid approach to modernization. That requires a partner that can navigate and integrate across the full ecosystem of cloud providers while taking an agnostic view of which cloud infrastructure is best aligned with core business needs. “With a hybrid approach, vendor lock-in and scarcity of specific platform resources can’t hold,” Kundu says.

Kyndryl takes a purpose-built, holistic approach to the cloud modernization journey, delivering optimal transformational value. By partnering with Kyndryl, organizations can depend on:

  • Full-life-cycle consulting. Kyndryl helps customers build a foundational cloud strategy followed up with a pragmatic architecture and a road map for implementation. But the guidance doesn’t stop there. Kyndryl continuously monitors the cloud architecture and the environment to ensure that the intended business outcomes are achieved, making the appropriate technology and process adjustments as requirements change. “Companies are looking for partners that can help them navigate the whole, from conception to sound implementation to rapid adoption and outcomes and even managed services if that’s their preference,” Kundu says.
  • Cloud-specific intellectual property. With decades of experience in cloud deployments and a robust portfolio of cloud IP, Kyndryl can help customers through each stage of modernization, including full management of an environment that spans on-premises, cloud, hybrid IT, and multicloud approaches. In addition, Kyndryl has a rich portfolio of IP for cloud integration and implementation services, including automation platforms and accelerators that fast-track cloud deployment and app modernization. These competencies help address the glaring skills gaps in IT portfolios.
  • Vertical knowledge and expertise. Kyndryl has 30+ years of experience designing, building, and managing mission-critical IT environments across an array of industries, from airlines to automotive to the world’s largest retailers. Armed with vertical knowledge and industry best practices, Kyndryl can help customers quickly design and build out a hybrid multicloud architecture tailored specifically to their needs.

The complexities of cloud shouldn’t stand in the way of IT modernization. With the right partner, companies can navigate the paradigm shift and position their business for growth and innovation.

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