Fast Tracking the Cloud Modernization Journey



Cloud computing

Coming off a period of pandemic-induced business transformation, companies have accelerated adoption of cloud-centric applications and infrastructure.

Yet despite the promise of greater operational efficiencies and competitive gains, the complexity of a multi-cloud landscape and the widening IT talent gap is testing enterprise resources and putting desired business outcomes at risk.

What’s more, not every journey to cloud takes the same path. Each deployment model has its own set of challenges, and demands different solutions to deliver the desired business outcomes.

But there’s good news: a purpose-built approach can optimize the value of cloud investments.

Organizations should start by defining the right strategy based on business needs. Next, it’s about deploying solutions designed for the highest-priority workloads. From there, CIOs must keep to their budgetary thresholds and stay focused on delivering on the needed flexibility to scale, modify, and pivot cloud investments.

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