The Best of Both Worlds: The Case for Harmonizing Public and Private Cloud Platforms



Enterprise adoption of public cloud continues to leap ahead, with Gartner forecasting global spending on infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to grow nearly 40% this year.

But public cloud isn’t the answer to every problem, and in some cases, it never will be. Some regulated industries may never move their mission-critical applications to the public cloud, because of data locality, ownership, privacy, and other requirements. Latency-sensitive applications may also need to stay in an on-premises data center, because of the inherent limitations of long-distance networks.

And public cloud presents particular challenges to regulated industries. Restrictions may apply regarding where data is physically located, who can access it, and how it is governed. Privacy laws apply in some jurisdictions, as do rules about specific forms of encryption and data protection.

A managed service approach can help resolve these (and other) issues by transferring management of the private resource to a service provider with a track record of experience in cloud administration.

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